Fall 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Hosted by USC

Presented by James Lincoln, Bill Layton, Chija Bauer, and Frank Lee

A big THANK YOU for donations from Pearson, Sargent Welch, fisixED, Cynmar

James' Stuff

Bill's Stuff

Chija's Stuff

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Frank's Stuff

  • First Day of School, Intro to physics - Dan Burns' Physics of Roadrunner
  • Newton's Laws
  • Circular motion
    • Use language to get the idea that "centripetal" is just a description, not a separate type of force
    • "Wanted" Curving Bullet scene
      "Can this happen?"
    • Circular motion - Analysis of object released from circular motion
  • Thermal expansion demo
    • Propane tank and nozzle are available at hardware stores as a bundle for $15-20. Tanks of propane (the blue container, don't get red or yellow) cost ~$3 and last at least an entire day's worth of demos.
    • I follow up with the questions "Why does the ball get bigger?" "What's the difference between a hot and cold substance?" I have students come up with possible models (molecules get bigger, molecules get further apart, molecules speed up, etc.). Which one of these models best fits (explains) how the ball got bigger? What about why when a hot object touches a cold object, the cold get hotter and the hot gets colder? I also do the hot/cold water food color demo to nudge students in the direction that molecules have more kinetic energy ("move faster") as temperature increases.
  • Graph sorting activity
    • Link to MS Word document of graphs and descriptions
      A participant suggested a way to scaffold this activity: Give students just the written descriptions and have them read those. Then, give them the position vs. time graphs and have them match those to the written descriptions. Last, give them the velocity vs. time graphs to match to the existing pairs.
  • Speeding cameras
    • Link to photos
      To download a photo: Click the photo to open a larger version => go to the bottom of the picture and click "Options" => Click "Download"
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